Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman - Attributed to Domenico GhirlandaioAttributed to
Domenico Ghirlandaio
Portrait of a Woman
c. 1490
Tempera on panel
20 3/8 x 15 5/8 in.

The profile view of the female sitter in this portrait, a format adopted from portraits on medals and coins, allowed the artist to concentrate on her elaborate hairstyle, coiled and wrapped decoratively with a cord. He placed the dark column behind her to set off the delicate shape of her face in silhouette. She is separated from the distant landscape by a balustrade, pushing her into the viewers’ realm. The precise rendering of household objects in the open cupboard on the right reflects the impact of contemporary Flemish painting, much prized in Florence at this time, which featured extreme attention to surface detail and texture.