Greeting from Claudio Bisogniero

Ambassador BisognieroThe friendship between Italy and the U.S. is the result of ancient ties. These ties are based on our shared historical experiences and rooted in the common values of freedom, equality and democracy which inspired them. What makes this relationship special and unique is the cultural link that had brought our two nations together even before 1776 and 1861, when our Countries became States.

Our two Countries uniquely deep level of cooperation is also enriched by the personal and professional experience of many Italian-Americans who have been welcomed and successfully integrated in the United States, and who contribute to the development of a strong American interest in the Italian way of life, in the style and creativity that characterize our national identity.

The 2013 Year of Italian Culture in the United States represents a significant phase of this long and fruitful friendship. The initiative aims to bring to the United States the best of our Country, stimulate new and long lasting partnerships—while deepening existing ones—and shine a spotlight on the extraordinary Italian treasures which are already in many American museums. This is the spirit of this guide, conceived and implemented by the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles.

It is a valuable website that takes the reader on a fascinating voyage of discovery of art and beauty, and that brings to light the quality as well as the quantity of works of art produced by the many Italian artists in the Los Angeles area.

The names of great artists both from the classical tradition and from the contemporary art world make up the road map of the trip. Their masterpieces are displayed in major museums, galleries, squares, streets and parks of this city whose daily life is not only centered around Hollywood’s film industry, but also around its vibrant and dynamic cultural identity—fruit of rich multi-ethnicity and a competitive and stimulating atmosphere.

Claudio Bisogniero
Italy’s Ambassador to the United States